Finally all four online-singles off "Mindkiller" are released. Each of them does include two non-album tracks from the MDMA-archives! The title tracks are mainly edited versions to fit better into the video/club-format (yes, you can also try research those on youtube...) With the exception of "Follow Me"* that did appear into a Remix-Version on the single done by Robert Svon of Kalte Rippchen & Sünden der 70er. Thanks for the great job, btw! I also did compile them together as a 12-Track album called "Mindkiller Singles-Bundle" (Very creative step, huh? No, not really, and I know this, well...)

Mindkiller Singles-Bundle

Reason for this is, because the music of "Follow Me" did base on a remix I did back in 2008 for another band. This band did not inform me that they want to use my remix for commercial purposes, nor did they have anything to do with the music on my remix. The song was completely mine programmed as MIDI, even before the remix. I did just synchronise it to the BPM of their original song and dub their vocals into my song as an experiment; however: their label claims now that I don't have any rights on my song anymore. For anyone who wants to prove for themselves: the VERY first version of this song was already released as "Nothing" on the 2008-Album  "Thought: Weapon Of Choice". Well, strange feeling that someone steals away your song, even if you struggle to keep your own project alive there is always someone who steals from the poorest beggar... And the label I'm talking about isn't even small, so beware of the sharks, everyone!

Like always thanks alot for the kind support during the last weeks! You'll find more information about the releases by clicking on the picture above or [HERE]. Meanwhile, I already started working on a new album, totally without remakes and remixes (Yes, I think I've learned my lesson so far...) -E-


The new Human Nihil-Album "Mindkiller" was just released as a 2CD-Set into a strictly limited Edition. You may pre-order it from one of these two places as a physical release:



This album is the first time in 8 years that I go back to how the future of MDMA may have sounded like. Most, if not all of the songs on "Mindkiller", had their origin in 2008, when I produced the MDMA-Album "Thought: Weapon Of Choice" as Midi-Files. Actually the song "Seventh Nature" did already reach it's final stage that year and was uploaded to the official MDMA-MySpace Page back then, before I decided to turn the project into a guitar-driven mess just for a change.

Also the original version of "T-Virus" is included on CD#02, along with many tracks that may have become what a 2008 release of my side-project Tento11 would have been like, highly influenced by Meat Beat Manifesto. I think the track "Hello Jack!" is speaking for itself therefore. Also the track "UK Decay" was already released in it's edited form in 2008 as an introduction-jingle for the frontpage of Now released in it's best possible quality and in it's full range; an almost 9 minute long club-version. As Bryan Ferry would say: "Don't stop the dance!". Thanks for your support! -E-


Human Nihil played another rather spontaneous Support-Gig for the legendary Tommi Stumpff, on the 5th of December at Goldgrube, Kassel. We originally planned to play some shows next year when our new Album "Mindkiller" will be released, but weren't able to spoil the party at that point. Due this, we were a bit early with our Set and played a lot of new songs that will be released on the new album. This is one of them; "Shut Down":

The show itself was a major blast and all 11 Songs of the set have been recorded. Maybe we'll upload even more of it in the next weeks! The entire setlist has been published at our newly set up Facebook-Page along with some photos of the show.


Wow, I didn't expect to be back that soon again... Well, some day this site may probably seem like a Blackbox, a record for a crashflight... On my way down I have always been a huge fan of David Lynch (But really, who isn't, yet?) A strange accident occured, so I had the chance to pay my tribute to "Eraserhead", it's been just released onto the Ifar Compilation "Musique Concrete goes to the Movies" -Compilation. It's basicly an edited & remixed version of one of the songs off the "Helix EP" released earlier this year. For details please see our Timeline.

In harsh contrast to that, "I've always been a coward", trying to look as cool as possible for most of my artistic career (If you even can call it so...), pretending that I don't care. Here is my rather soft spot; My personal tribute to Dario Argento. We really miss you here. Please help me, I'm a Prisoner of hell ...


I've changed the site-design to synchronise it with a new phase of work; New content will arise here and there from time to time, or not ... I may keep you posted about new happenings here. For now I can tell about a collaboration with Claus Larsen of "Leæther Strip" on the Rhesus Factor-Song "When We Return to Bleiburg". A nice little tribute for my former band and a settle up with some guy called Douglas P., maybe you've read about the story back in 2007... Anyhow, here is a link, because sharing means caring. Please support our project and spread the word! Also some Remixes of it are on it's way! I did one myself as the last track on the Album.

If you're in for older news go back to our newsfeed on blogspot. Here's another link:

Thanks for your time!



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